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Winners of Today

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Winners of Today
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Mealy Hen NEHU 89 TN 2941
Winner of The Sealink Trophy 1991
5th Club Percy Main 98 birds competing
24th Tynemouth North Federation 1,318 birds competing
164th UNC Abberville 17,076 birds competing Velocity 1018.1
1st Club Percy Main 18 birds competing
1st Tynemouth North Federation 191 birds competing
2nd UNC Bourges 2,735 birds competing Velocity 1173.19
1st Club Percy Main 68 birds competing
6th Tyneside North Federation 1,032 birds competing
46th UNC Lillers 14,469 birds competing Velocity 1239.9
The Property of Dr R Iley Tynside North Federation
The Sealink Cock Cheq Cock NEHU 88 HAR 4546
Sealink Trophy Winner 1990
1st Club Hartlepool WKS birds132
1st Harlepool Federation 892 birds1st Section 1,470 birds
15th UNC birds 10,533
Clermont 23rd NEHU Open 16,736 birds distance 400 miles 976 yards
2nd Club Hartlepool WKS birds 66
2nd Hartlepool Federation 523 birds 3rd Section 6,881 birds
Provins 17th UNC 6,520 birds distance 467 miles 1000 yards
2nd Harlepool WKS 88 birds 16th Hartlepool Federation 1,130 birds
Abbeville 227th UNC 14,828 birds distance 342 miles 405 yards
Property of Lilley and Son Harlepool WKS

Lion Heart Blue and White Cock NEHU 93 4323
1994 2nd Club 2nd Federation 21st UNC Folkstone 280 Miles
In 1994 Dave Mc Sween formed a new partnership with A Jones
Lion Heart was resettled to A Jones loft and did not seem very happy
So the Alan and Dave decided to put Lion Heart into a loft by himself
with his hen this done the trick
1998 2nd Club 3rd Federation 73rd UNC Bourges timed in on the day
1998 3rd Club 6th Federation 102 UNC Chenoise timed in on the day
1999 1st Club 2nd Federation 47th UNC Bourges timed in on the day
2000 1st Club 2nd Federation 2nd UNC Bourges timed in on the day
2nd North of England Homing Union Open
2001 retired to the stock loft were he has produced many good birds
Raced and Bred by A Jones,D Mc Sween and G Bolton