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Race Programme 2013

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Up North Combine Ltd.

Official Race Programme 2013




Date: Liberation Point Despatch

March              30th.                Open Race Bubwith                                      Friday

April                6th.                  Bubwith                                                          "

"                    13th.                Worksop                                                          "

"                    20th.                Melton Mowbray                                            "

"                    27th.                Huntingdon                                                     "

May                 4th.                  Rivenhall                                                         "

"                     11th.                FOLKESTONE O.B. NATIONAL I "

"                     18th.                Melton Mowbray                                            "

"                     25th.                LILLERS I Thursday

June                 1st.                  Rivenhall                                                        Friday

"                     7th.                  CLERMONT Wednesday

"                     9th.                  Newark (Open Race)                                   Saturday

"                     15th.                Huntingdon                                                    Friday

"                     21st.                BOURGES Wednesday

"                     22nd.              Melton Mowbray (open race Sat.)                  Friday

"                     29th.                FOLKESTONE O.B. NATIONAL II Friday

July                  5th.                  FONTENAY Wednesday

"                     6th/7th Melton Mowbray                                    Friday/Saturday

"                     13th.                EASTBOURNE (Yearlings only) Thursday

"                     20th.                LILLERS II Thursday



July                  27th.                Bubwith                                                          Friday

August                        3rd.                  Bubwith                                                             "

"                     10th.                Worksop                                                             "

"                     17th.                Worksop                                                             "

"                     24th.                Melton Mowbray                                               "

"                     31st.                Peterborough                                                      "

September       7th.                  Rivenhall                                                            "

"                     14th.                MAIDSTONE Y.B. NATIONAL "

"                     21st.                Bubwith                                                             "

"                     21st.                Lillers (Open to NEHU)                                    "



All race points are subject to confirmation from the appropriate managements and any D.E.F.R.A. restrictions.

For the first four Young Bird races and the last Young Bird race Federations/Sections may be liberated as per their request subject to Management Committee approval, i.e. cost effective.


If a race takes place from a shorter point than is scheduled the above programme must be adhered to.


If a race is postponed 24 hours then pick up times will be 2 hours earlier.